Kyle’s First Month at Burnley FC

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I’ve been in the UK for five weeks now and despite the cold weather everything is going well. I train for 2 hours every day of the working week and play matches on Wednesday (subsequently my weekends are free). There are four goalkeepers between two teams and I’m currently playing and training with the first team. Most week days I go to the gym at Nelson and Colne College as the coach wants me to build upper body strength through several programs. I am studying sports science at Nelson and Colne College.

So far we’ve played:

  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • Chesterfield
  • Chelsea (cup game)

I’ve played the last three out of the four games (in the first team) since being here (and the other game I played the last 10 minutes.)

My training schedule is as follows:

  • 2 hrs training each day
  • First 30mins the goal keepers do their own drills and warm ups
  • Followed by shot stopping and shooting practice for the strikers for about 40mins
  • Finally we play a small sided game (7 on 7)

After training I catch a bus back to Turf Moor (Burnley FC’s home pitch) and then walk approximately 1 km to my home. I am currently living with Neil and Natalie Hart and their young son. Neil is the CEO of Burnley FC in the Community. Despite settling in well and making friends, I haven’t been doing a lot socially as my schedule is busy and I make time for my recovery, in my spare time. I have however been a ball boy at the last couple of home games for Burnley FC.

A big thank-you to my sponsors:

  • GKR Transport
  • Pavemix
  • Matrix gloves…. Committed to excellence!

And to everyone back in Australia who is helped me along the way. I’m so grateful to be getting this opportunity.

Cheers, Kyle


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