GK Centre Of Excellence In New Zealand

GKCE Paul Turvill with a lucky GK being presented we a free pair of Matrix Gloves in NZ

Goalkeeper Centre Of Excellence in

New Zealand


Saturday the 9th November 2014 saw Paul Turvill, from Goalkeeping Centre Of Excellence in association with  Burnley Football Club Academy Australasia’s (BFCAA)  arrive at Selwyn United to partake in sessions for budding goalkeepers throughout the region.

Paul Turvill, a highly qualified goalkeeping coach and coach instructor was spending some time over in New Zealand from the BFCAA’s headquarters in Perth, Western Australia and noticed a lack of high quality goalkeeper coaching in the area after just 1 visit back in September, something he was very keen to put right.

There were 3 sessions on the day, 10-12 years, 13-15 years and 16+ years which were all excellently attended. 3 lucky goalkeepers walked away not only with the technical coaching that is completely unique to the BFCAA programs but also a pair of the highest quality ‘Matrix’ goalkeeping gloves created and designed by Paul himself.

The technical approach to the sessions meant that each goalkeeper attending the session could have work manufactured to their needs throughout the session as well as looking in to the future. ‘The technical approach to goalkeeping is something that many coaches neglect’ Paul said ‘Coaches tend to think that because a goalkeeper can throw themselves about that they are a good goalkeeper, what we look towards is to working on goalkeepers technical proficiency so that they don’t have to throw themselves about all the time!’

‘Paul is absolutely fantastic and we as a program are very lucky to have him’ said Lee Padmore, who heads up the BFCAA program in New Zealand. ‘This is another way of showing people in the area that we are here to stay, we are committed to giving the best coaching possible and with Paul working specifically with the goalkeepers we are definitely doing this.’

As well as just providing intermittent sessions, Paul will also be delivering coach education to the clubs senior goalkeepers the next time he lands in New Zealand and the hope will then be for these coaches to relay Paul’s words of wisdom throughout the young budding goalkeepers for the time he is Perth. ‘Paul will set technical work for the goalkeepers to work on while he is back in Perth’ said Lee, ‘When he then comes back to New Zealand, he will advance the work and give the goalkeeper coaches more guidance on where to go with their sessions.’

The BFCAA program that runs out of Selwyn United FC is very committed to providing the best possible coaching for all children involved and it is obvious to see that they are experts at noticing niches in the market as well as providing exactly what is needed for the children in their program. We are very lucky to host this program and BFCAA are always looking for willing learners to add to their program. If you wish to gain more information on the BFCAA program and/or the goalkeeping sessions, please do not hesitate to contact Lee Padmore on 027 524 5898, email lee@hpcfootball.com or visit www.hpcfootball.co.nz