GK Matrix Walk Out at Turf Moor

Kyle McDonald our GK Matrix Endorsee had his first game at Turf Moor in his U19 Burnley FC match vs Coventry City FC 

Kyle who is a graduate from the Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence is so grateful for GKCE’s continued support with our range of Matrix Gloves. Kyle loves his  Avenger Contacts & Titan Supersoft for his games as he says that,

“they give me confidence & performance in a number of varied weather conditions”.

Kyle was sidelined for a few weeks with a few broken ribs sustained during a game & this game at Turf Moor was only a couple of games back from that injury.

Kyle  is coming to the end of his first season with Burnley FC & is pleased with his progress & performances so far. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in the UK & have to pinch myself sometimes, as now being at a Premier League Club is what so many Footballers dream of “.  Kyle did say that while he was looking forward to coming home for a break & some R & R with his family & friends he was keen to feel that nice warm sun again !!!! ”

Kyle walking out at Turf Moor with his GK Matrix Titans 
kyle at Turf Moor

Kyle appreciating a break from play !!!

Kyle at Turf Moor 2