Kyle catch up as he heads home for Xmas

Kyle Kyle McDonald

Kyle McDonald @ Burnley FC

Matrix / GKCE sponsored goalkeeper, Kyle McDonald, has recently finished his initial three months stint at Burnley Football Club and has returned to Australia to spend Christmas with his family.

Since Kyle last checked in with us he has now got used to the different weather & playing conditions!!! “The cold weather has been the hardest as at times I cannot feel my toe’s” Kyle explained. The weather condition also effects your glove maintenance taking longer for the gloves to semi dry within the central heating in most houses ( like an oven ) making sure you do not let them dry out completely, as Kyle said “you cannot leave them outside” !!!!!

Kyle said that his MATRIX gloves are brilliant in the varied weather conditions and getting lots of enquiries of where can they get a pair from ….Kyle is also  getting used to utilising two pairs of gloves for games as the super soft & contact latex absorbs the water really well giving him fantastic grip. Many of the games are played on an artificial surface known as G4 /G 5 ( check out in the picture ) where you have to get used to the ball roll & bounce. Kyle has played multiple games against teams such as Chelsea FC , Liverpool FC,  Birmingham City FC, Burton Albion FC with his man of the match performance coming against Chelsea FC being the highlight

Kyle informs us that he is enjoying his academic experience at the Nelson & Colne collage where he has settled in really well enjoying the fantastic facilities which is where they also train majority of the time.

When Kyle returns to England he will be boarding with a new family closer to Turf Moor allowing Kyle to assist further with ball boy and other duties on senior match days which is a fantastic experience .

Kyle would like to say a big “thank you” to Paul & Dave at GKCE for their support in their past coaching & current Glove Sponsorship “ and wishes them both a great 2016.