“The Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence is an outstanding training programme catering for the needs of young aspiring keepers. Our son Conor MacKenzie has been fortunate enough to have been trained by Paul and Dave over the last few years. He has been instilled with passion, professionalism and commitment. Last year he had the privilege of playing for the WA under 14 state soccer team, touring to national championships at Coffs Harbour. This would not have been possible without the training programme. It is wonderful to think that in our city of Perth we have a goalkeeping centre of truly international calibre.”
Clayton MacKenzie Moira Arthurs.

“The GKCE is a great environment to learn new skills and to improve on those learnt. It is in a friendly environment, and there is no pressure put on you during the sessions. It has greatly improved my game performances and has become an important part of my training because of it’s specialisation.”

Michael Swallow

“Brodie has been training with Dave and Paul for  a few years now. Initially the improvement as a keeper was remarkable. The lift in confidence was probably worth it alone, but the skills he has picked up and continues to develop are obvious to all. Being good at, and confident about, what he is doing in a game has meant a much more enjoyable experience through his junior years and will stand him in good stead going forward.”

Michelle Stokes

Jake was only 10 when he started with the GK Centre of Excellence and has attended both the pre season and in term sessions with Dave & Paul .  Their  technical knowledge is outstanding however their  real strength is the  ability to share this with young kids.  They  provides an environment that is fun but also ensures the kids want to learn.  We saw a massive improvement in technique and confidence in only a matter of weeks.
We cannot recommend these sessions highly enough for keepers of any age.  Even though we now have club and other team coaching commitments, we will certainly be returning to Dave & Paul  as we believe they  provides the best specialist program there is.
Brenton Seymour.

I have been working with David and Paul for over a year now. As a player in my late 20’s I am a slightly older than Dave’s usual group, but always Dave coaches his sessions with an enthusiasm, patience and professionalism that gets the best out the group or individual regardless of age.


David and Paul are always approachable and always constructive with their feedback. The sessions are never boring and provide the perfect balance between technique, professionalism and enjoyment.


I just wish that I received this quality of training back when I was playing juniors as I know I would be a significantly better player today. I would strongly recommend Paul & David for players of any age or ability.


Daniel Curnow


Just thought I’d pop you a line saying how impressed I am with Chris’ improvement over the past few months. He is a credit both to himself and his hard work as well as to your coaching/program and his selection to represent Australia is testament to this. Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done with him, his change has been amazing and you should be very proud.

David Cantoni